What is Midori?


Midori melon liqueur is the perfect ingredient for creating classic cocktails with a twist or simple long drink serves.

Where it all began

In 1971, when the International Bartenders Association held its International Cocktail Championships in Tokyo, delegates raved about the melon liqueur they sampled at the Suntory plant.

Taking the hint, Suntory spent seven years developing a new melon liqueur for the international market. 7 years later, Midori made its debut at Studio 54 Saturday night fever party with the "Japanese Gin and Tonic". It was the key ingredient in ‘The Universe’ – the cocktail that won first prize in the US Bartenders’ Guild annual awards. This was the start of many award winning cocktails.

Born in Japan

Midori’s Japanese heritage is central to our story. Even Midori’s ingredients are Japanese! Midori is made from premium Japanese melons, delivering Midori’s distinctive sweet and refreshing taste.

From its name – which means verdant, vibrant green in Japanese, to its sophisticated and care-free attitude, Midori is a must have for any cocktail.

My Midori

Midori always adds an unexpected twist in cocktails. With its refreshing sweet notes and distinctive colour, it can be enjoyed in a wide variety of cocktails, long drinks and shots. Its versatility and uniqueness means it's the perfect drink for any occasion. Why not find your perfect Midori cocktail for a night in or a night out with your friends...

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